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Truly Nolen of Valrico, FL
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Most Recent Reviews

  • "100% RECOMMEND!! BOBBY RAY! He’s the man! I can not express how thorough this man is and how much he takes pride in his work. I not only received excellent service but he also was very knowledgeable in his field and proved to be trustworthy. I would recommend him to ANYONE who is seeking someone who pays attention to detail and takes the time to be certain he is giving you nothing short of EXCELLENCE. He even went the extra mile in recommending another company for another service I needed for my home and they were GREAT as well! I’m truly grateful to have met him!"

    - Jvia Google
  • "Bobby Ray came out for an initial look at my house. He was thorough, professional, and personable. Several of the team including Steve, Louis, and Cody came out to explain my options since the project had some challenges. Tom was able to do the work snd Bobby took time to oversee the project to completion. This was my first work experience with Truly Nolan, but I will be turning to Truly Nolan in the future for my pest control needs."

    - Kathie Hurnervia Google
  • "My experience with Larry and Tom has been excellent. I am very happy I chose Truly Nolan in Brandon. Very helpful and professional. Thanks for doing a great job."

    - Joe Martínvia Google
  • "My technician, Evan has always been helpful in answering all my questions. He is professional in his approach and always communicates what he has found and how he will address any problems. When he is finished, he again lets me know what he has done, and if any follow up is needed. He is an excellent representative of Truly Nolen."

    - chris wardvia Google
  • "My experience with Truly Nolen was phenomenal. We moved into a house with an old rodent problem. The attic insulation was covered in rat urine and droppings. At that time, our baby was only 2 weeks old and we had to do something. The inspector, Bobby Ray was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and professional. After his inspection, he recommended us with services to make our home a healthier and safer place. The installation crew Seth Joyner and Edward Vazquez were as friendly as they come and bring a great amount of respect and professionalism to our home. They work very hard and left our home in better shape than they arrived. They went the extra mile for sure. After all is said and done I feel really good knowing that my family with a newborn is living and sleeping in a safe home due to the amazing care and professionalism these employees and Truly Nolen provided."

    - Heather Rayvia Google

Truly Nolen - Your Local Pest Control Experts

We are the local office of Truly Nolen in Valrico, Florida. As a trusted pest control company, we offer a wide range of services to help you keep your home or business free from unwanted pests. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to provide effective and reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Our dedicated team of professionals is well-equipped to handle various pest problems, including ants, termites, rodents, mosquitoes, and more. We understand the importance of a pest-free environment and the potential harm these critters can cause. That's why we employ advanced techniques and environmentally friendly products to ensure the safety of your family, pets, and the surrounding area.
Whether you require a one-time treatment or a customized pest control plan, we are here to assist you. Our goal is to create a pest-free space that you can enjoy and feel comfortable in. Trust our local office in Valrico, Florida, to provide exceptional service and effective pest control solutions for your residential or commercial needs. We look forward to helping you maintain a pest-free environment for years to come.

Truly Nolen Pricing & Services

Truly Nolen in Valrico, Florida offers competitive pricing on their pest control services for residents of the area. Our pricing is determined by several factors, including the size of the property, the type of pest infestation, and the extent of the problem. We understand that each situation is unique, so our team conducts a thorough inspection to assess the scope of the issue. This allows us to provide an accurate and fair pricing estimate to our customers. Additionally, we offer various pest control plans to suit different needs and budgets. Our goal is to provide effective pest control solutions at affordable prices, ensuring the satisfaction and peace of mind of our valued customers.

Dealing with Pests in Valrico

Here in Valrico, Florida, the current season poses unique challenges when it comes to pest control and management. With the warm and humid climate that characterizes our state, pests thrive year-round. However, certain seasons like spring and summer tend to bring about increased pest activity. During this time, homeowners may encounter a surge in common pests, such as ants, mosquitoes, and termites. These pests can be more active due to favorable weather conditions. It's essential for residents to stay vigilant and take proactive measures to prevent infestations. At Truly Nolen, we offer comprehensive pest control solutions tailored to address the specific needs of Valrico residents, helping them maintain a pest-free environment throughout the year.

Common Pests in Valrico

Living in Valrico, Florida, residents are no strangers to pest problems. The warm and humid climate of the state provides the perfect breeding ground for a wide range of pests. From pesky ants and cockroaches to stubborn termites and mosquitoes, homeowners in Valrico face a constant battle against these unwanted invaders. But worry not, as our team at Truly Nolen is here to help you regain control of your home.
With our extensive knowledge and experience in pest control, we understand the unique challenges that come with living in Valrico. Our pest control plans are tailored to target the specific pests that are prevalent in this area, ensuring effective and long-lasting results. Whether it's treating for termites to protect the structural integrity of your home or implementing mosquito control measures to enhance your outdoor experience, we have you covered.
At Truly Nolen, we take pride in our comprehensive approach to pest management. We not only focus on eliminating current infestations but also employ proactive strategies to prevent future outbreaks. By combining our expertise with innovative techniques and environmentally friendly products, we strive to create a pest-free environment for our Valrico community. Trust us to provide you with reliable and professional pest control services that will bring you peace of mind.

Year Round Pest Control in Valrico

Our local office in Valrico, Florida provides top-notch pest control services to the community. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we are dedicated to keeping homes and businesses pest-free all year round.
  • January: As temperatures drop, rodents and spiders seek shelter indoors, making a reliable pest control service essential.
  • February: Termite swarms begin in Florida, and early detection is crucial to prevent costly damage to properties.
  • March: Spring brings an increase in ant populations, especially carpenter ants that can cause structural damage.
  • April: Mosquitoes start to appear, posing a threat to outdoor activities and spreading diseases such as Zika and West Nile virus.
  • May: With the arrival of warmer weather, termites become more active and may swarm again.
  • June: Fleas and ticks become more prevalent during the summer months, requiring effective pest control measures to protect pets and family members.
  • July: Fire ants thrive in the heat, and their painful bites can be a nuisance during outdoor gatherings.
  • August: Bees and wasps are highly active, increasing the risk of painful stings and potential allergies.
  • September: Fall is the season for rodent invasions as they seek warmth and shelter before winter.
  • October: Spiders, including venomous species like black widows and brown recluses, tend to be more active during this time.
  • November: As temperatures cool, pests such as cockroaches and ants may attempt to enter homes in search of food and warmth.
  • December: Rodents remain a concern as they can cause property damage and carry diseases, making pest control services vital throughout the holiday season.
  • Our highly trained technicians at Truly Nolen are equipped to handle all pest control needs, ensuring peace of mind for our Valrico customers. Trust us to provide reliable protection against pests throughout the year.

    Commonly Asked Questions about Truly Nolen

    Can Truly Nolen help with termite infestations?

    Yes, Truly Nolen can assist with termite infestations in Valrico, Florida. They offer comprehensive pest control services to address termite problems and protect homes from further damage. Their experienced technicians can identify and treat termite infestations using effective methods and products.

    Can Truly Nolen eliminate boxelder bugs from my home?

    Yes, Truly Nolen can eliminate boxelder bugs from your home in Valrico, Florida. They offer comprehensive pest control services that are specifically tailored to address boxelder bug infestations. Their skilled professionals use effective techniques and treatments to eliminate these pests and prevent future infestations.

    Do I need to remove or cover decorative items before bug spraying?

    Yes, it is recommended to remove or cover decorative items before bug spraying to prevent any potential damage to them.

    Are there any structural vulnerabilities that make my house susceptible to a sudden mouse invasion?

    There are a few possible structural vulnerabilities that could make a house in Valrico, Florida susceptible to a sudden mouse invasion. Mice can enter through small cracks or openings in the foundation, walls, or roof. They are also skilled climbers and can access a home through vents or gaps in the exterior. Properly sealing these entry points can help prevent a mouse infestation.

    Can the presence of other pests affect the time it takes for Orkin to get rid of roaches?

    Yes, the presence of other pests can potentially affect the time it takes for Orkin to eliminate roaches. Since different pests may have different treatment methods and require specific attention, addressing multiple pest issues simultaneously may require additional time and resources. However, it is best to contact Orkin directly to discuss specific situations and get accurate information.

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