DIY or Pro? Tips for Safe Bird Nest Removal

Are you considering removing a bird nest from your property? Before you grab your ladder and gloves, it’s essential to understand the risks and legalities involved. Here are three key points to keep in mind:

  • Check local regulations and timing to avoid disturbing active nests during breeding seasons and remove nests during the offseason when unoccupied.
  • Wear protective gear such as gloves and a mask to minimize the risk of exposure to allergens, parasites, or bacteria present in the nest.
  • After nest removal, thoroughly clean and disinfect the surrounding area to prevent attracting pests and minimize disease transmission, using appropriate cleaning products and following instructions for effective disinfection.

Understanding the Risks and Legalities of Removing Bird Nests

Bird nests are more than just a collection of twigs and leaves. They can harbor disease-causing pathogens that pose a threat to human health. Some birds use sharp objects like thorns or barbed wire in their nest construction. Without proper precautions, removing a bird’s nest could result in serious injury.

But the dangers don’t end there. Some species of birds are protected by law, meaning that it’s illegal to remove their nests without permission. Violating these conservation laws can result in severe consequences, including hefty fines or imprisonment.

So what should you do if you have a bird nest on your property that needs removal? While you can choose to DIY it, professional assistance is recommended for the safe and legal removal of bird nests. Experts have the necessary training, equipment, and permits to remove nests while complying with all relevant laws safely. Here are some points to consider. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Monitoring Bird Activity and Nest Removal

Do Monitor Bird Activity Around Your Property to Identify Potential Nesting Sites

Monitoring bird activity around your property is important, especially during the breeding season. This will help you identify potential nesting sites and take necessary measures to prevent birds from building nests in unwanted areas. You can do this by observing the behavior of birds, listening for their calls, and looking for signs of nesting, such as twigs, grasses, or feathers.

If you notice an active nest with eggs or young birds inside, do not disturb them. Many bird species are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, which makes it illegal to harm or remove them without a permit. Disturbing an active nest can cause stress to parent birds and may even result in the abandonment of the nest.

Don’t Remove an Active Nest or Disturb Parent Birds and Their Young Without Proper Permits

If you need to remove an active nest or disturb parent birds and their young for any reason, obtaining proper permits from your local wildlife agency is vital. These permits are usually required when dealing with native bird species protected under federal law.

Removing an active nest without a permit can also lead to legal consequences, including fines and penalties. It is always best to consult with a professional before attempting any kind of removal on your own.

Problems with Birds?

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If you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get a full refund on your most recent service with our 100% money back guarantee.

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Truly Nolen is a family-owned company with 85 years of experience providing the best pest control. If you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get a full refund on your most recent service with our 100% money back guarantee.

Do Take Preventative Measures Such as Removing Bird Feeders and Trash to Discourage Nesting Birds

Preventing birds from building nests in unwanted areas is much easier than removing them once they have already established a home. You can discourage nesting birds by removing bird feeders from your property. While feeding birds may be enjoyable for some people, it can also attract unwanted attention from nesting birds who see your property as a prime location for raising their young.

Keeping your property clean by removing trash and debris can discourage nesting birds. Nesting birds are attracted to areas with a lot of debris because it provides them with materials to build their nests.

Do Consider the Risks of Removing Bird Nests By Yourself

Attempting to remove a bird’s nest on your own can have serious consequences for both humans and animals alike. For instance, cleaning up after removing a bird’s nest requires special care as they often contain droppings that may carry diseases harmful to humans and household pets.

Moreover, some birds build their nests using sharp objects such as thorns or barbed wire, which can cause cuts or puncture wounds when mishandled. In extreme cases where protective gear is not worn during removal, exposure could lead to infections requiring medical attention. There is also always the potential for injury when climbing a ladder or tree. 

Don’t Forget That Many Bird Species Are Protected Under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Making It Illegal to Harm or Remove Them Without a Permit

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act is a federal law that protects over 1,000 species of native birds in North America. This law makes it illegal to harm or remove these birds without proper permits. Some common bird species protected under this act include eagles, hawks, owls, and songbirds.

If you need to remove an active nest or disturb parent birds and their young for any reason, you MUST obtain proper permits from your local wildlife agency. These permits are usually required when dealing with protected bird species.

Decision Time: Remove Bird Nests on Your Own or Hire a Professional Service?

Hiring professional services for bird’s nest removal has several benefits over attempting it yourself. Professionals have specialized equipment such as gloves and masks explicitly designed to handle hazardous materials like birds’ nests’ droppings.

Our trained technicians have the experience needed to handle birds without causing harm to themselves or the animals. They also know how to safely remove nests without damaging any parts of your property. This way, you can be sure that the process is done correctly and efficiently. Here are some factors for your consideration. 

Professional Assistance for Safe Removal

Removing birds or their nests on your own can be dangerous and ineffective. Some birds, such as pigeons, can carry diseases like salmonella and histoplasmosis, which can be transmitted to humans through their droppings. Moreover, removing nests improperly can attract other pests, such as insects and rodents that feed on the leftover materials. Therefore, hiring professional pest control services like ours is best. We have the expertise and equipment necessary for safe removal. 

Professional pest control techs remove birds’ nests and clean up any mess left behind in attics, vents, or gutters. We use specialized vacuums to suck out all debris, including feathers, droppings, and nesting materials, without causing damage to the building structure. Our technicians also disinfect the area with eco-friendly solutions that kill bacteria and viruses while being safe for humans and pets.

Preventing Future Bird Infestations with Gutter Guards

Birdproofing eaves with gutter guards is an effective way to prevent future bird infestations. Gutter guards are mesh screens that cover gutters preventing leaves, twigs, and other debris from clogging them while allowing water to flow freely into downspouts. Our trained pros can direct you to what type of gutter guards would be best for your property. By installing gutter guards, birds cannot access the roof overhang where they usually build their nests. Moreover, gutter guards prevent water damage to the building structure by preventing overflowing gutters from saturating the walls and foundation.

$50 Off Year Round Pest Control

Truly Nolen is a family-owned company with 85 years of experience providing the best pest control. If you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get a full refund on your most recent service with our 100% money back guarantee.

Cost Comparison: Removing a Bird’s Nest Yourself vs. Hiring a Professional

If you’re considering removing a bird’s nest yourself, it’s essential to understand the potential risks and costs involved. While removing a bird’s nest may seem like an easy task, it can actually be quite dangerous and time-consuming.

Firstly, you’ll need to purchase the necessary equipment for the job. This may include gloves, safety glasses, ladders, and tools such as saws or shears. Depending on the size and location of the nest, you may also need specialized equipment such as scaffolding or cherry pickers. Once you have all of the necessary equipment, you’ll need to carefully remove the nest without damaging your property or harming any birds that may be present. This can be difficult if the nest is located in a hard-to-reach area or if multiple nests are present.

Removing a bird’s nest yourself can also pose health risks. Birds carry diseases such as histoplasmosis and salmonella, which can be transmitted through their droppings or feathers. Without proper protective gear and disposal methods, you could put yourself at risk of contracting these illnesses, so while removing a bird’s nest yourself may initially seem like a cost-effective option, it can end up costing more in terms of time and potential health risks.

Professional bird nest removal services typically include labor, equipment, and disposal fees. While these costs can add up quickly depending on the location and complexity of the job, they ensure that the job is done safely and effectively. They have specialized equipment and training that allow them to safely remove nests from hard-to-reach areas without causing damage to your property or harm to any birds present. They also have the necessary protective gear and disposal methods to prevent the spread of disease.

Hiring a professional can help prevent further damage or infestations. If a bird’s nest is not removed correctly, it can attract pests such as insects or rodents, which can cause further damage to your property. A professional may cost more upfront but can save you time and potential health risks in the long run.

Protected Bird Species

If you have found a bird nest on your property, the first thing you should do is identify the species of bird. Certain bird species are protected by law, and removing their nests without a permit is illegal. If you need clarification on the type of bird, our professionals can help you identify the species and determine whether or not it is protected.

What About Hard-to-Reach Areas or Safety Risks? 

Even if the bird species is not protected, other factors may make it necessary to call in a professional for removal. For example, attempting to remove it yourself could be dangerous if the nest is in a hard-to-reach area, such as on a high tree branch or roof. A professional will have the necessary equipment and training to access and remove the nest safely.

Similarly, if the nest poses a safety risk, such as blocking an air vent or chimney, it’s best to leave its removal to professionals who can ensure that any potential hazards are appropriately addressed. Attempting to remove the nest yourself could damage your property or cause injury.

Let a Truly Nolen Pro Handle the Nest Removal Process

Using a Truly Nolen professional service for bird’s nest removal comes with several benefits. First, it saves you time and effort as our professionals have the necessary tools and expertise to complete the job quickly.

Secondly, it ensures that the job is done correctly from start to finish. Our technicians take all necessary precautions when removing nests, ensuring that no damage is done to your property or anyone involved. Plus, hiring a professional service gives you peace of mind knowing that experts handle everything from start to finish. You don’t have to worry about potential risks or complications associated with removing bird nests on your own.

It’s important to weigh the costs and benefits of doing it yourself versus hiring a professional. While removing a bird’s nest yourself may seem cost-effective, it can be dangerous and time-consuming. Hiring our pros may come with higher costs upfront, but it ensures that the job is done safely and effectively. Ultimately, whether you decide to remove the bird’s nest yourself or hire a professional depends on your individual situation and priorities. However, if safety and efficiency are your top concerns, hiring a Truly Nolen professional is likely the best choice.

$50 Off Year Round Pest Control

Truly Nolen is a family-owned company with 85 years of experience providing the best pest control. If you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get a full refund on your most recent service with our 100% money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are birds infesting my property?

Birds may infest properties seeking shelter, nesting sites, or food sources. Factors such as easy access to food, suitable nesting locations, or favorable environmental conditions can attract birds to your property.

Are birds a health risk, and can they spread diseases?

While birds themselves are not inherently harmful, their droppings can pose health risks due to the presence of bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Airborne particles from dried bird droppings can potentially cause respiratory issues. Certain bird species, such as pigeons, can also carry diseases like salmonella and ornithosis. Learn More!

How can I deter birds from nesting on my property?

To deter birds from nesting, you can implement bird exclusion methods like installing bird netting, bird spikes, or bird wire systems, removing food sources, using bird repellents, and modifying your property to eliminate potential nesting sites.

What should I do if I find a bird’s nest on my property?

If you find a bird’s nest on your property, it is generally recommended to leave it undisturbed until the nesting season is over and the birds have vacated. Removing nests during active nesting periods can be illegal and may cause harm to the birds.

Can I remove birds or nests on my own, or do I need professional assistance?

It is advisable to seek professional assistance for bird removal or nest removal to ensure compliance with local regulations and to address the infestation effectively and safely. Professionals have the knowledge, experience, and proper tools to handle bird infestations and implement appropriate exclusion measures. Learn more about birds