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Orkin’s unique approach to home pest control services begins with the philosophy that not every pest problem is the same.  Instead of a one-size-fits-all treatment plan, Orkin tailors its services to each situation

It’s all a part the A.I.M. solution, Orkin’s targeted, ongoing management of your pest problem. This cycle of three critical events keeps your home protected from unwanted pests for as long as you keep your service.

The first step of your A.I.M. solution begins by calling Orkin for your FREE estimate. We’ll talk through your pest concerns and offer a quote for professional pest control service. Don’t let pests destroy your home, safety and peace of mind. Call Orkin today.

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Your Orkin Man will first assess your home and property so that he fully understands the extent of your pest problem. He then creates a custom treatment plan based on your unique situation.


Next comes implementation. Your plan is carefully applied to treat current pest problems and provide safeguards against future infestations


Your service continues with year-round monitoring of your treatment solution. If your current solutions appear to be inadequate, your Orkin specialist will adjust them as necessary.


The Orkin A.I.M. Solution In Action

Want a close-up view of Orkin’s pest control services? These scenarios explain how Orkin uses its A.I.M process to eliminate pest problems for good.

Maria Jason Darrell

Meet Maria. She’s a suburban housewife with a secret: Ants. Maria first noticed tiny, black ants crawling along the baseboards and cabinet perimeters of her kitchen. They appeared destined for the kitchen sink. Maria wanted to find the source of the problem and treat it quickly, so she called Orkin.

She reached a friendly pest control expert who asked a few questions about Maria’s home and the problem she was seeing.  The expert described Orkin’s home pest control services in detail, including how many treatments she could expect and how they would address her pest problem.

The pest control expert assured her that the ant infestation was treatable, and then he offered her a quote. Maria accepted and scheduled a home inspection for the very same day. When Maria’s Orkin Man™ arrived, he asked Maria to show him the ants as he carefully listened to her explain her observations.

The Orkin Man™ traced the ants’ trail to a low-to-ground window seal behind the kitchen table, and then went to work applying outdoor bait and a safe, indoor treatment. He returned 30 days later to check on the treatment, then every 60 days after that to reinforce Maria’s pest control shield. The ants are now gone and Maria’s home is safe from a wide variety of other pests.

Meet Jason. He’s a young, single professional living a busy metropolitan area. Jason travels frequently for work and for fun, but enjoys hosting friends for dinner at his high-rise condominium unit when he’s home.

Jason recently noticed itchy, red bites on his arms and legs. He couldn’t recall being bitten by anything, but the problem seemed worse in the mornings. A few weeks later, Jason read a news story about the rise of beg bug outbreaks in big cities, particularly among people who travel.  So he decided to check his bed. Sure enough, he found them, buried deep between the mattresses and along the back of the headboard.

Jason had heard about do-it-yourself bed bug treatments, but wondered if they really worked. He called Orkin instead.  A technician came out to his condo the next day and conducted a top-to-bottom inspection of his bedroom, closet and adjoining rooms. The technician confirmed that Jason did, in fact, have bedbugs. Luckily, they were confined to his bedroom.

The Orkin technician recommended a combination of pesticide and heat treatments over a 2-3 visit cycle, plus follow-up visits to check for missed bed bugs. He also instructed Jason to wash his sheets, comforter and clothing in very hot water to help contain the problem.

One month later, Jason is bed bug free. He’s also a much more cautious traveler. No more bed bugs means more peaceful nights for Jason.

Meet Darrell. Darrell keeps busy with work, family, and the occasional round of golf. But he’s proactive when it comes to termite control. Darrell understands the damage an unchecked termite problem can cause, and he doesn’t want to shell out thousands of dollars to repair it.

So Darrell called Orkin. An Orkin specialist was at his door the next day to offer a thorough assessment of Darrell’s home and property.

He inspected floors, baseboards, walls and ceilings – even Darrell’s crawl space. Luckily, Darrell’s home was termite free.  To keep it that way, Darrell signed up for Orkin’s continuous protection plan – a guaranteed service that protects his home from future termite problems.

Under the plan, Darrell’s local Orkin Man visits his home on a regular basis, looking for termites in the places they’re likely to nest. He also treats Darrell’s home with a protective anti-termite solution and gives Darrell tips on the things he can do to reduce the chances of a termite infestation. Darrell’s still living termite-free – only now he has reassurance from a certified home pest control expert.

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